DOT Compliance Manual (PDF)



"FOCUS" DOT Compliance Manual - $249


After years of going into our client's offices and seeing rows of dusty, unused 3-ring binder products labeled as compliance manuals, we have developed a much more user-friendly solution for those who want to have a DOT compliance manual for quick reference.

The Fleet Operator's Compliance Upgrade System (FOCUS) manual is a PDF "portfolio" document that allows the user to refer to the master document (first in the portfolio) to find a question that reflects what you need to know about, then simply click on a link within that question to be taken directly to the section of the manual that addresses that topic.  What could be easier than that?

The FOCUS manual is downloadable.  After using the "Buy Now" link to the left, you will receive an email with a link to the download site and the access code that will allow you to access the download page.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Adobe Reader Version 9 or newer is required to properly view this PDF portfolio.

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